Peplum will require Spain to recognize them as a separate nation

Peplum will require Spain to recognize them as a separate nation

Spanish autonomy under the name of Basque Country will achieve from Madrid, recognizing them as a separate nation. However, to hold a referendum as in Catalonia, the Basques until. This “Izvestia” said the representative of the Parliament of the Basque Unai Larrea.

The politician stressed that in the future a referendum is possible, but only with the permission of the Spanish authorities.

“Most of the Basques reacted to the events in Catalonia with sympathy and solidarity, we believe that they had no other options (except to hold a referendum — ed.). But we don’t want the same thing in the Basque Country don’t want police on our streets and do not want to act unilaterally,” said Unai Larrea.

He noted that the Basques, like the Catalans, have a claim to Madrid, but they want negotiations.

“The main problem is that the Spanish government does not recognize that in Spain there are still two Nations — the Catalans and Basques. This recognition does not mean automatic independence,” — said Larrea.

Currently, the government authority develops the new mechanism of cooperation with the Madrid, which in 2019 will present a discussion of the Spanish Parliament.

Experts believe that caution Basques, who earlier fought for separation from Spain terrorist methods, dictated by bitter experience and by the example of Catalonia.