Who witnessed the crash MN17 officer of the Ukrainian air defense has sought asylum in Russia

The air defense officer of the Armed forces of Ukraine (APU), major Yuri Baturin crossed the Russian-Ukrainian border and asked for protection in Russia in connection with the available information about the involvement of Kiev for the crash of the Boeing MH17 over Donbass. On Friday, October 6, informs television channel “Star”. According to media reports, Baturin, head of the command post of air defense, 17 July 2014, was on service in military unit near Odessa. According to him, with the help of technical means of control of the air defense system he watched the flight of the ship and it crash. The officer claims that, according to the radar, the aircraft was struck by a missile from the territory under the control of the APU. Also Baturin said that in the part after the crash came a convoy of vehicles maintenance of the Ukrainian anti-aircraft “Buk”. Soldiers of the

The court punished the poles for the burning of the effigy of a Jew

The court of the Polish city of Wroclaw has sentenced a local resident of Peter the Fisherman to three months of house arrest for a public burning of effigies, symbolizing the Jew. It is reported by TVN24. It is noted that the incident occurred in November of 2015 during a protest in the Central market of Wroclaw against the admission of refugees. On the dummy, holding a European Union flag, was a traditional Jewish clothing. After some time, the network appeared the recording, which is seen as a doll man, it pours a flammable liquid and ignites. None of those present, including police, did not intervene. Initially he was sentenced to 10 months in prison, but later the defence failed to appeal the decision. According to the lawyer, his client wants as quickly as possible to begin to serve his sentence and has appealed to a specialized organization to obtain

The President of the Czech Republic has dispelled the rumors about the refusal of alcohol

Milos Zeman Czech President Milos Zeman has denied that he limited the use of alcohol. It is reported Novinky.cz. After the press conference held during the visit in the ústí nad Labem region, the politician expressed surprise that he was not asked to comment on the appeared rumors in the press. “It is not true that I stopped drinking alcoholic beverages, I drink them and then with the same taste,” assured the President. That 73-year-old Zeman has sharply restricted the use of alcohol, 5 Oct wrote a resource Lidovky. According to him, such a recommendation was given to him by doctors due to the fact that he has diabetes. The Czech President is often criticized for addiction to alcohol, notes Novinky.cz. The website is reminiscent of the case in may 2013 when Zeman allegedly in a drunken state came to the ceremony of the presentation of the national crown jewels.

Burst into tears because of the “cheap” gift of the Krasnodar teacher fired

Burst into tears because of the “cheap” gift of the Krasnodar teacher fired The primary school teacher of the Krasnodar school, which abandoned expensive enough, in her opinion, a gift for Teacher’s day, was fired. On Friday, October 6, writes “Notepad Krasnodar” with reference to Director of the city Department of education Alexey Nekrasov. The official said that the results of verification of the incident were confirmed. “Such behaviour is completely unacceptable, so the teacher fired. In the coming days in all city schools held parent meetings and staff meetings about the inadmissibility of such situations,” he said. As noted by the publication of the parents of first-graders already appointed an acting class teacher. They also added that after the publication in the media, the teacher doesn’t come to work and decided to leave the school on their own. Conflict in a secondary school in Prikubansky district occurred on the

Mining will help to save the Russian housing and communal services

Mining will help to save the Russian housing and communal services Local authorities in Sverdlovsk region are planning to build in the town Sysert plants. They can simultaneously produce heat for Central heating and electricity, which can be used for cryptocurrency mining. For this purpose it is proposed to attract private capital and interested in mining organizations. The initiator of the project was the former Minister of investment and development of Sverdlovsk region Dmitry Neskovski. Instead of farms — mining “The phrase ‘obsolete housing’ is not about rusty pipes and crimping. The problem is that the whole system works as usual, and innovation that fundamentally changed everything, it almost does not come. You need to use modern forms of work. The world has gone in the digital age. This means that in addition to farm animals in the city may receive the mining,” says Iskovskih. ZHKZH will save the miners

The study showed how many men in Russia live to be 65 years

The study showed how many men in Russia live to be 65 years MOSCOW, October 6 — RIA Novosti. Russia is in first place in Europe among countries with the highest mortality rate of men under 65 years, according to world Bank data, which is available to RIA Novosti. According to the study, 43% of Russian men die before the age of 65 years. World Bank data based on the study population, the UN in 2017. The study is based on official statistics of countries in 2015 and its own Analytics of the UN, published every two years and next time will be released in 2019. According to the world Bank, 43% of Russian men die before the age of 65 years, in Ukraine and in Belarus, the figure is slightly lower — 40%, in fourth place Moldova with 37%, the fifth — Lithuania 36%. Also in a dozen countries

Five people were killed in the bus crash in the suburbs

Continued: the Number of victims of a major accident in Moscow suburbs has increased to six A passenger bus overturned in the Kolomna district of Moscow region. The accident killed five people, another 16 were hospitalized, three in intensive care, said “the Tape.ru” the head of the press service of the Moscow Central Board of the Ministry of internal Affairs Tatyana Petrova on Friday, October 6. “The bus overturned on a level road. He followed the route ozyory — Moscow”, — she specified. According to Petrova, the children in the car was not. All the victims are adults over the age of 20. On-site work the traffic police. Set all the circumstances of the incident. According to Telegram channel Mash, all in the car were 39 people. In the night of Friday in the Vladimir region, the accident occurred at the crossing near the railway station Cover: train, EN route

In Moscow suburbs have passed doctrines on liquidation of accidents on objects of housing and communal services

The elimination of accidents at facilities of housing and communal services and energy sector have worked on the exercises in Orekhovo-Zuyevo on behalf of the Governor of Moscow region Andrei Vorobyov. This was reported on the website of the regional government on Friday, 6 Oct. The event was attended by representatives of over 20 municipalities, including the management of resource-supplying organizations and operating utilities. In the framework of the exercise specialists from the regional rescue and recovery service (MOS AVS) was running scenarios of possible consequences of emergency situations. “This practice is very well established in recent years, as the material-technical base of MOS AVS, which today is a complex of modern equipment, including mobile plant and mobile boiler-houses of various capacities, allows to provide for an extended period of heat and energy of the inhabitants of the whole neighborhood,” said Minister of housing of the region Evgeny hromushin. According

Derailed freight train paralyzed the movement of trains near Tula

A major railway accident paralyzed the movement of trains in the Tula region. Restore his plan by 14:00 MSK, said “the Tape.ru” the official representative of the Moscow interregional transport Prosecutor’s office Yekaterina Korotkova. On Friday, October 6, at 02:45 GMT on 318-m kilometre of a stage Malaya Andreyevka — Turdey of the Moscow railway for unclear reasons the rails came off the locomotive and 24 cars of a freight train. “The result was damaged several hundred metres of railway track in both directions, the traffic on this stretch is suspended. A passenger train and commuter train Tula — Moscow aimed at an alternative branch. Initiated investigation into the causes of the emergency,” — said Ekaterina Korotkova. Photo: “Tape.ru” 1/2 As a result of incident nobody has suffered. Material damage, according to the source “Tape.ru” in law enforcement, is estimated at the sum more than 25 million rubles. With rails