Mining will help to save the Russian housing and communal services

Mining will help to save the Russian housing and communal services

Local authorities in Sverdlovsk region are planning to build in the town Sysert plants. They can simultaneously produce heat for Central heating and electricity, which can be used for cryptocurrency mining. For this purpose it is proposed to attract private capital and interested in mining organizations. The initiator of the project was the former Minister of investment and development of Sverdlovsk region Dmitry Neskovski.

Instead of farms — mining

“The phrase ‘obsolete housing’ is not about rusty pipes and crimping. The problem is that the whole system works as usual, and innovation that fundamentally changed everything, it almost does not come. You need to use modern forms of work. The world has gone in the digital age. This means that in addition to farm animals in the city may receive the mining,” says Iskovskih.

ZHKZH will save the miners

Investors are suggested to consume the generated electricity for their own needs. Traditionally, large volumes are required to ensure the operation of computing power for mining cryptocurrency. Among the investors can be any structures that are guided by IT: data centers, companies that work with data array, and others. “We are looking for investors who are interested in their own technological development,” — said Iskovskih.

The administration of Sysert already invited several private companies to assess the prospects of the project and to undertake the necessary feasibility studies, the newspaper writes