Law enforcement officers have begun check in connection with the accident in the Vladimir region

Currently, it is known that the accident in the Vladimir region killed 14 to 16 people, said “the” Ekaterina Korotkova, the senior assistant to Moscow inter-regional transport Prosecutor. “Among them, unfortunately, have children. At least 12 people taken to hospitals, among them also underaged,” said Korotkova.

Now continue the recovery of bodies of victims, number of victims could rise, said the representative of the Moscow interregional transport Prosecutor’s office.

She said that this fact has started a procedural check, to the place of the tragedy left the Eastern transport Prosecutor.

According to available information, the bus driver violated traffic rules, and went to the crossing on forbidding signal of a traffic light, which led to the tragedy, — said Ekaterina Korotkova.

The clash near the railway station, the Cover took place at 03:39 local time on 6 October. “It is known about 16 victims, 34 living with two children in intensive care, 12 people, according to preliminary estimates, was taken by ambulance,” — said TASS, the head of the city administration Cover Vyacheslav Arakelov.