In the Railways said the reason claimed the lives of 16 people in accident near Vladimir

Stalled on the train tracks, the bus was the cause of the deaths of 16 people in an accident that occurred in the night of Friday in the Vladimir region. A message posted on the website of “Russian Railways” (RZD).

As noted, the bus crossed the railway crossing near the station Cover, and stalled on the tracks.

The person on duty on moving, in turn, immediately turned defensive signal that notifies crews of the trains on the obstacle.

“The driver of the passenger train No. 60, the message St.-Petersburg – Nizhny Novgorod, which at this point should have on the site, applied the emergency brake, gave light and sound signals. The emergency brake allowed to reduce speed to the minimum possible, but the distance to a stop was insufficient”, — stated in the message.

The clash near the railway station, the Cover took place at 03:39 local time on 6 October. “It is known about 16 victims, 34 living with two children in intensive care, 12 people, according to preliminary estimates, was taken by ambulance,” — said TASS, the head of the city administration Cover Vyacheslav Arakelov.