Five-year girl was severely beaten for eaten margarine in the Voronezh region

In Ozerki village of Buturlinovsky district of Voronezh region brutally beaten by a five year old girl, writes, “MY! Online” Friday, October 6. Doctors diagnosed the child suffered broken arms, nose and a concussion.

According to confessed to the crime 22-year-old large pregnant mother of the victim, it was a punishment for the food without asking margarine. According to one version, the woman might take the blame to shield her husband — 38-year-old Gypsy, convicted three times for theft. Man is not the father of the girl.

The battered child found on September 22, the staff of the inspection on Affairs of minors (PDN) and of the guardianship, when he came home to his mother, who escaped from the hospital where she was put for safekeeping.

The girl’s stepfather resisted trying to get her to the hospital police. One of the inspectors of PD he broke the shoulder straps and then force pushed him out of the house. As notes the edition, on this fact the staff of the Investigative Committee opened a case on the use of violence against a representative of authorities.

After discharge from the hospital October 4,tired the girl was sent to her grandmother. Her three year old brother was placed in a rehab center, her younger sister — in the house of the baby.

Who confessed to beating the mother, pregnant with twins, was put in the hospital.

According to the publication, two years ago, the kindergarten teacher has already noticed the injured girl bruising. However, a police check over the abandoned material. After that, the parents took the girl from the garden.