Collision on the tracks: the victims of road accident in Vladimir were 16 people

Collision on the tracks: the victims of road accident in Vladimir were 16 people

MOSCOW, October 6 — RIA Novosti. A bus and a train collided at a railway crossing in the Vladimir region in the night of Friday; according to the latest data, 16 people were killed and another five people were hospitalized, and four, two of them children — are in intensive care.

The number of dead and injured is established: the Investigative Committee earlier reported about the 19 victims of the incident, and later specifying information — according to preliminary data, the accident killed 16 people, including one child.

Stalled on the tracks

The bus got in an accident on a railway crossing in the Vladimir region, went on a way on forbidding signal of a traffic light, reported by the Ministry of internal Affairs in the region. According to the press service of the Moscow railway, when the bus drove through the railway crossing, he stalled on the tracks.

“3.39 the bus crossed the railway crossing near the station Cover, and stalled on the tracks. Crossing equipped with gates, lights and audible alarm. According to preliminary information, the duty on the move immediately turned defensive signal that informs the locomotive crews of trains approaching the crossing, the obstacle”, — stated in the message.

According to MOR, the driver of the passenger train № 60 “Saint-Petersburg — Nizhny Novgorod”, at which point it followed the plot, applied the emergency brake, gave light and sound signals. As noted, the emergency brake allowed to reduce speed to the minimum, but the distance to a stop was inadequate.

As reported in the Railways, passengers on a train, the driver and conductors in an accident near Vladimir was not injured.

After the accident, the movement of trains is carried out in the same way. Due to incident delayed the movement of trains “Swallow” Nizhny Novgorod — Moscow passenger train No. 91 Severobaikalsk — Moscow.

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Bus with Kazakh numbers

Initially the representative of the main Department of EMERCOM of Vladimir region has informed that injured the bus was from Kazakhstan, but the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan could not confirm the identity of the bus, the country or citizenship of Kazakhstan the dead and injured. It became known later that the bus was carrying residents of Uzbekistan.

“On the bus with Kazakh numbers drove the people of Uzbekistan”, — told RIA Novosti press-Secretary of Vladimir Governor Rita Shlyakhova.