Became known the final results of the referendum in Catalonia

Became known the final results of the referendum in Catalonia

MADRID, October 6 — RIA Novosti. The Catalan government announced the final results of the referendum on the independence of autonomy — voted more than two million people — 90,18%.


The turnout was 43,03%, in the voting took part 2 million 286 thousand 217 people out of 5.3 million eligible to vote. Of them for independence made 90,18%, (2 million 44 thousand 38), against 7.83 per cent (177,547). Blank ballots dropped into the ballot box of 1.98% of participants of plebiscite.

Now, the Catalan Parliament plans to discuss the results of the vote. Earlier the meeting was scheduled for 9 October, but the representative of Generalitat Carles Putteman, which must submit the results of the referendum, asked to postpone his speech on Tuesday. While the question of the date of the meeting has not been solved.

It is not excluded that at meeting of supporters of independence (from party “the Candidacy of national unity” and the coalition “Together for a” vast majority) can take the Declaration of independence. MP from the “Candidate of national unity” Carles Riera said that the text of the document is already being discussed.

A referendum on the independence of Catalonia, which is not recognized by the Spanish authorities, took place on 1 October. In some areas there were clashes between police and voters, there are victims on both sides. The king of Spain Felipe VI in an address to the subjects stated that the Catalan government had demonstrated “unacceptable insubordination” in order to “destroy the unity of Spain”.