Arrow friend from Las Vegas told me about his crazy actions

Stephen Paddock

Stephen Paddock, who shot the visitors of the concert of country music in Las Vegas, was showing signs of madness. This was reported by his girlfriend Marylou, Durnley, reports on Friday, October 6, NBC News.

“He says, sometimes he just lay in bed, howling and screaming: “Oh my God!”” — said the publication of one of the former employees of the FBI, people familiar with the matter Paddock. Another ex-intelligence personnel confirmed that the man was showing signs of mental illness.

Informed of denli said that did not know about the plans of his friend and knew him as a quiet and caring person. The investigators were unable to determine the cause, pushed the man to the crime.

According to the detention order, 64-year-old Paddock and of denli began Dating in the spring of this year. They lived together in the town of Mesquite, Nevada.

Paddock opened fire from automatic weapons by members of the festival of country music, being on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel, and then killed himself. Killing 59 people, injured more than 500.