An hour and a half in Moscow and the region received 76 reports of a bomb threat

On the morning of Friday, October 6, for a half hour in the capital’s emergency service received 35 reports planted in the buildings bombs. TASS informed source.

“Each of them is checked, carried out the evacuation”, he said. While there continue to be new same calls.

Among the “mined” objects — schools, kindergartens and Council.

According to the source “”, also due to anonymous calls is the evacuation of people from schools in the suburbs — a total of 41 institution.

Earlier, on 5 October, it was reported that 21-year-old longshoreman from Kazan Svyatogor Osinin figured out the algorithm of the telephone terrorist attacks on Russian cities. According to his calculations, they consistently call up the objects in the cities in order of descending population.

The wave of calls about mining of buildings in Russia rose on September 11. Messages on bomb not confirmed, but in each case is carried out the evacuation and inspection. According to the Director of the FSB Alexander Bortnikov, the telephone terrorists can be four Russians, who organized a robocall organizations in 50 regions of the country through IP telephony from abroad. In the country they probably have accomplices.