The purpose of Vasilyeva, the head of Dagestan has broken a long-standing tradition


Dmitry Serebryakov/TASS

Against the traditions. For the first time in post-Soviet history of the Republic of Dagestan headed by a native of another region. Vladimir Putin has accepted the resignation of Ramazan Abdulatipov, appointed ad interim Vice-speaker of the state Duma, the head of the faction “United Russia” Vladimir Vasilyev. This decision came as a surprise to almost all.

Traditionally, since Soviet times, the authorities in Dagestan is allocated so that members of one ethnic group not held the posts of head of the region, the Prime Minister and head of the Parliament. In recent years the highest post in turn was held by Dargins and Avars. And so, after the Avar Ramazan Abdulatipov post was to take the Dargin. The decision on the appointment of Dagestan Vladimir Vasiliev was a surprise even to his faction. One of the party members, after hearing from the RBC on the appointment of Vasiliev, surprise even swore obscenely. Why in the region sent a stranger?

>> Abdulatipov Vasiliev wished to understand Dagestan

Alexei Malashenko, head of research at the Institute for the dialogue of civilizations “Is not to spite the clans, and this is the evidence that these clans are really not able to agree among themselves and that no one candidate from the largest clan is not able to become a national leader, therefore we need someone external. In some sense this repeats, I would say, the Soviet tradition, when the second Secretary of the party was Russian. And he, so to speak, they tracked, they were tried and answered directly to Moscow, to the Kremlin for what is happening there.”

Vasiliev worked for many years in the Ministry of the interior. In the beginning was part of the leadership of the security Council. Vasilyev led the headquarters to release hostages from the theatrical center on Dubrovka. In 2003 he was elected Deputy of the state Duma. Vasilyeva called “person Volodina”, but it is not so, says the head of the Center for strategic studies of religion and politics of the modern world Maxim Shevchenko.

Maxim Shevchenko, head of the center for strategic studies of religion and politics of the modern world “Vasiliev — the person who has a direct relationship to the security Council on the one hand, that is, to the President and