The Moroccan took a woman into slavery and forced to look at severed heads

Italian police arrested a Moroccan who was presented by the Italian lured to a Russian woman and took her into sexual slavery, forcing them to watch a video with cutting off heads in the middle East. About it RIA Novosti was told in management of police of the city of Catania.

According to the Agency, the Russian has long lived in the North of Italy, and one day met a Sicilian on the correspondence in the online messenger. Presented by Giuseppe D Ignoti the man liked the woman, she fell in love and decided to move in with him.

Upon arrival in Sicily it became clear that Giuseppe was Yusuf, a native of Morocco. He began regularly raping her, forced to wear the hijab, pray with him and watch taken in the middle East video beheading “infidels”. “Among the believers he was proud to have made a Muslim the blonde with blue eyes”, — quotes Agency the words of the local police.

Police rescued the woman and detained Yusuf. He was accused of kidnapping, slavery, sexual violence, abuse and grievous bodily harm. From 2010 to 2015, he sat in jail for such treatment of his ex-wife.