The employee of the new York McDonald’s was dealing cocaine in children’s sets

Employee of the new York fast food restaurant McDonald’s was arrested for drug trafficking in the workplace. Frank Guerrero handed the cocaine to buyers in the sets of happy meal toys. It is reported by The New York Post.

“It was all so on the surface, that would be ridiculous if he had not committed a serious narkopritonov”, — said spectacular on drug-related Affairs Bridget Brennan. Guerrero’s detention became possible thanks to the operation “Not in menu”: the police eight times made a test purchase and bought cocaine for a total amount of 10,9 thousand dollars.

Guerrero worked the night shift: at this time, the diner only accepts bookings through a window, and give them a takeaway, but the buyers of cocaine he allowed to go inside. He was quite inventive: one time dose for sale hid in a bag of biscuits, which was put in order, and other times hid it in the container of liquid soap in the toilet. Most often, however, the transaction took place in the Parking lot of McDonald’s.

When Guerrero was arrested, police searched his house. There they found 200 grams of cocaine, and 5.3 thousand dollars in cash. The house in addition to Guerrero lived with his girlfriend, our lady Cabral Castillo and a two year old child.

Guerrero and Castillo were charged with possession of a controlled substance and neglect of a child. Guerrero will also be in charge of selling cocaine.