The Director of the FSB proposed to ban the viruses around the world


RIA Novosti

The Director of FSB of Russia Alexander Bortnikov called for the strengthening of international cooperation in the field of cybercrime and the ban on the creation of malicious software. It is reported by RIA Novosti.

With such statement the head of service made during the XVI meeting of heads of intelligence services of security agencies and law enforcement agencies of foreign States in Krasnodar.

He said that massive cyber attacks are usually international in nature, so for their effective prevention it is necessary to organize the interaction of the largest national bodies responsible for computer security.

“In the framework of the ongoing process of formation of the system of international information security proposed to expand practical cooperation in responding to computer incidents and to consider the possibility of establishing an international legal regime of the prohibition of the development of malicious software,” — said Bortnikov.

In Russia there is criminal responsibility for developing malware: article 273 of the criminal code criminalizes “the creation, distribution or use of computer programs known intended for unauthorized destruction, blocking, modification, copying computer information.”