Polish police day mocked Ukrainian

Police Polish city of Wroclaw for almost a day mocked the 21-year-old Ukrainian woman, threatening to deport her home and forcing her to undress. About it writes Gazeta Wyborcza.

The police asked a local resident, reported the theft of the phone. In the crime he accused his ex-girlfriend, a Ukrainian woman named Daria.

Soon the guards detained the girl without any explanation. The victim claims that the police twice forced her to completely undress to be searched. In addition, one of the officers allegedly told her that “Ukrainians have no place in Wroclaw”.

Also, she claims that she was deprived of the opportunity to call my loved ones. In the end, she was questioned as a witness, and then released from the Department without charge.

The police of all charges in the address deny and indicate that all procedures were performed in accordance with the prescribed guards rules. However, the Ukrainian is going to sue the police. She also argues that the allegedly stolen her phone contained photos of her ex-boyfriend and their correspondence.

In September it was reported that the owner of the store in the Polish town of Barlinek posted ads warning that all citizens of Ukraine, who decided to make the purchase is subject to inspection. The store owner explained that the inscription was made on impulse after the theft, perfect Ukrainian. Unlucky thief tried to take out two packages of food.