Broken Elevator prevented disabled people to get the dedicated round table

Event “accessible environment” in Orenburg library named after Krupskaya had to move from the conference room on the third floor in the lobby first, since the building broke down the elevators. Most of the participants in the discussion of barrier-free environment profit in wheelchairs. On Thursday, October 5, RIA “orenburzh’e”.

According to the newspaper, the incident occurred on 4 October. Apologize to the audience brought the Vice-Governor, Deputy Chairman of the government of the Orenburg region on social policy Pavel Samsonov. He recalled that last summer the library has allocated the necessary funds for repair, and promised to investigate. In the regional Ministry of culture called the incident “an unfortunate technical overlay”.

At the round table summed up the results of the inspections organized by the activists of the popular front. They tested 20 socially important routes in Orenburg, Buzuluk, Abdulino and Sol ‘ -Iletsk and talked about where there are high curbs, fences, and impassable ramps.

According to the passport of the state program “Accessible environment”, published on the website of the Ministry of labour and social protection, the implementation of” conditions conducive to the integration of disabled people into society and improving their standard of living” from 2011 to 2020 has provided more than $ 424 billion.