The suspect in the murder of journalist found a video with violence

Peter Madsen

On the hard disk, which presumably is a Danish inventor and owner of the submarine “Nautilus” Peter Madsen, discovered video beheading women. About it reports BBC News.

Madsen is the chief suspect in the murder of 30-year-old Swedish journalist Kim wall. According to investigators, the footage is genuine.

He Madsen his involvement in the violence against the journalist denies. According to him, the hard drive belongs to someone else. Everything in his lab had access to it.

The man claims that Kim wall was killed because she fell on the head of a 70-pound manhole cover.

Freelance journalist prepared a material about the inventor of the submarine “Nautilus”, so I went with them to sail. After August 10, the woman climbed aboard, no one saw her alive. After 11 days at sea, close to Copenhagen found her decapitated body. The autopsy revealed that the woman has a stab wound in the genital area and chest. The exact cause of death has not been established. It is reported that for four months while the investigation, Madsen will be held in custody.