The racketeer-Director

The racketeer-Director

The leader of the “Christian state” suspected of attempting to earn on hire of “Matilda”.

As it became known “Kommersant”, the police suspect that the arrested leader of the “Christian state of Holy Russia” (HGSR) Alexander Kalinin tried not only to disrupt the car scandalous film “Matilda”, but to capitalize on this by imposing on distributors security services. Kalinin himself claims that he sent letters to theater owners only because the movie offends the feelings of believers.

Alexander Kalinin was arrested, the Tagansky district court of Moscow on charges of committing a crime under part 2 of article 179 of the criminal code (organization of coercion to commit the transaction or to reject the transaction).

According to the investigator of the internal Affairs of the Central district of the capital, the leader of the unregistered Orthodox organization from January to September this year sent letters to film distributors, demanding that they refused to show the movie “Matilda” which, he believes, offends the feelings of believers.

In addition, Kalinin has sent statements to the police and the Prosecutor’s office, seeking action against the filmmakers of a criminal case under part 1 of article 148 of the criminal code (public actions expressing clear disrespect for society and committed to insult the religious feelings of believers). In the prosecution of Alexei Uchitel was denied, after which, according to investigation, supporters of the leader GGSR, including his brother Yuri Kalinin, began to act independently. They staged arson in the office of the Studio “Rock,” directed the Teacher, machines at the office of his lawyer, and then took and movie theaters. Some of them “mined” by phone calls, others, such as the cinema club “Oil” in Yaroslavl, attacked with Molotov cocktails. And in place of the shares of the attackers left behind leaflets with the inscription: “For Matilda to burn.”

Arsonists detained by staff and arrested Moore court, pleaded guilty, calling the mastermind of the shares of Alexander Kalinin.

His last involvement in the actions of extremists denies, claiming that the letters were sent in January of this year, and believes that other messages could be someone from the followers of his ideas. While the consequence does not exclude that the activists acted not so much from religious motives, how many commercial. According to one version, unleashing the terror against the film distributors, Alexander Kalinin and his supporters allegedly expected to receive from them large sums, imposing a security service associated with the Orthodox activists of the chop. Representatives of major distribution networks, respondents Kommersant, declined to comment.

In turn, Dmitry Savchenko, lawyer Alexander Kalinin, told “Kommersant” that his client is formally charged with only attempt of failure to hire “Matilda”. However, the defender noted, the activist did not admit his guilt because of the letter, which roused the suspicions of the investigators, were sent before the cinema chain has received a distribution certificate. About the new accusations, the lawyer is not known.