The murder of Kim vallée: on the disk suspect found video of torture of women

The murder of Kim vallée: on the disk suspect found video of torture of women

On the hard disk, which presumably is a Danish inventor, found video beheading real women.

Peter Madsen is accused of killing 30-year-old Kim Vallee. She stepped aboard his submarine on August 10.

Her decapitated body was found in waters off Copenhagen after 11 days.

Madsen denies that murdered journalist. Hard drive belongs to someone else, he said. Everything in his lab had access to it.

Engineer and self-taught Madsen said that the Valle died after 70-pound manhole cover fell on her head.

Freelance journalist from Sweden Kim Vallee was preparing the material about the inventor of the submarine “Nautilus”, which went sailing.

46-year-old Madsen says he was trying to bury the Valle in the sea, and then attempted suicide, flooding the submarine.

Prosecutor Jakob Buch stated that the suspicion that the inventor of the murdered journalist, has increased since the day when he appeared before the court on 5 September.

Buch reported that the video, which prosecutors said authentic, found on the hard drive, presumably belonging to the Madsen. Women being tortured, beheaded and burnt.

An autopsy Valle showed that she has stab wounds in the area of genitals and chest, which most likely appeared before the woman’s death or immediately after.

The exact cause of death has not yet been established.

Within four months, while investigations continue, Madsen will be held in custody.