The king of Spain accused the government of Catalonia in violation of the Constitution of the country

King Felipe VI Continued: Catalonia will declare independence in the coming days

The king of Spain Felipe VI stated that the government of Catalonia violate the Constitution of the country. His statement was published on the website of the Royal house.

Felipe VI has publicly responded to the referendum on the region’s independence two days later. “The actions of the local authorities of Catalonia say about the unacceptable disloyalty. They are in a clear and decisive manner have placed themselves outside the law and democracy. They tried to break the unity of Spain and national sovereignty. His irresponsible behavior they jeopardize economic and social stability of Catalonia and throughout Spain,” said king.

He promised the Catalans “full support of the rest of the Spaniards”, Recalling the firm commitment of the crown to the Constitution and the unity of Spain.

A referendum on independence of Catalonia from Spain took place on 1 October, more than 90 percent of those who voted for the independence of the Autonomous community. The Central power of the Kingdom were trying to prevent its implementation. In particular, in Barcelona voted against the police used rubber bullets. In total, the clashes injured 893 referendum and 33 police officers.

The Commission considers the referendum illegal and does not recognize its results.