The FSB said about the plans of the leaders of the IG to create a new global terrorist network

The FSB said about the plans of the leaders of the IG to create a new global terrorist network

Moscow. 4 Oct. INTERFAX.RU — the Director of FSB of Russia Alexander Bortnikov said that the leaders of the banned in Russia, ISIS and other terrorist organizations are aiming to create a new global terrorist network.

“Almost defeated in the construction of the Caliphate in Syria and Iraq, the leaders of ISIS and other joined her MTO (international terrorist organizations) as the global strategic objectives determined the creation of a new global terrorist network,” — said Bortnikov on Wednesday at the 16th Meeting of heads of special services, security agencies and law enforcement bodies-partners of FSB of Russia.

He stressed that this year the number of victims of terrorist attacks in Afghanistan, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Mali, Turkey, Russia, the UK, Spain, Sweden and in other countries, “hundreds”.

“Currently, the leaders of the MTO redistribute their available forces and means. The rebels deliberately spread beyond the Middle East, are concentrated in unstable regions, with the aim of creating new hotbeds of tension and armed conflict”, — said the head of FSB of Russia.

Bortnikov noted that the most intensively bandits move into the territory of Afghanistan, where there are already the positions of ISIS and how they are able to seep into Central Asia, Iran, China and India.

“Using the Afghan base, terrorists attempted to launch attacks against Russia”, — said Bortnikov.

Interest in hacking

According to Bortnikov, the international terrorist organization enhance communication in the hacker community and perhaps refocus the cyber attacks on objects criticallyendangered, said the FSB Director Alexander Bortnikov.

“According to reports, the terrorists are expanding their connections in the hacker community, organize your own “kiberprestuplenie”. Technical level, the sophistication of their cyber-attacks are growing,” — said Bortnikov.

“Assess as high the likelihood that MTO will retarget the vector of cyber attacks with a public information resource on the vital objects of critical infrastructure in order to provoke technogenic accidents and ecological catastrophe”, — said the Director of the FSB of Russia.