The don Cossacks have identified a colleague in the video with ISIS captive by the Russians

Don Cossacks learned of his colleague Roman Zabolotnogo on video allegedly captured by Russian soldiers, which was published in the Internet group “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia). On Wednesday, October 4, “Interfax” reported the press service of vseveliky army of Donskoy.

“Cossacks pray for Roman to come home. For them the publication of such a video was a shock,” — said the source Agency.

According to him, Zabolotny went to watch around the country, was an active and exemplary Cossack, but lately disappeared from sight. No one knew that he decided to go to Syria. Currently, the soldiers support the family Novel.

In Telegram channel Mash reported that the city was a soldier of the private military company. He served for several years in the army, and then went to the training center GRU Molkino. According to Mash, a specialty of Roman — motorized troops and air defense. Two months ago the man, after receiving training, went to Syria.

Second Russian, captured on video, is Chris Turcanu (Turchanov), presumably from Domodedovo district of the Moscow region.

The video was published on 3 October under control of the IG of the Agency “Amak”. The video shows one of the two men seems to Zabolotnyi Roman Vasilyevich, refers to the year and place of his birth (1979, village Dawn Aksay district, Rostov region), and also reports that he was captured in the ISIS offensive near the Syrian village of Shuli. In addition, he calls the second person’s name — Turcanu Grigory Mikhailovich. The whole video was silent. On the faces of both visible traces of beatings.

Mercenaries in Russia is a criminal offence under article 359 of the criminal code. A mercenary is a person who acts in order to obtain material compensation and not a citizen of a state involved in armed conflict or hostilities, does not reside permanently in its territory, and not a person directed to perform official duties.