The child drowned in fallen down from the track to the water bus

Eight-year-old girl drowned in fallen down from the road into the pond of illegal taxis in Yakutia, told TASS on Tuesday, 3 October, the press service of the regional Department of traffic police.

The incident occurred on the Federal highway “Kolyma”. The van was followed from the village Tomtor of Oimyakon district in the direction of Yakutsk.

Dead child sat in the front row with grandma. The other six passengers, including two children, were taken to the hospital.

It is established that 22-the summer driver at the time of the accident was sober. Driver’s license young man received in August 2016. Him on administrative materials about the violation of rules of transportation of children, seat belts, machine control in the presence of faults.

The man is registered as a private entrepreneur, but a license for the transportation of people had not. Passengers, according to traffic police, he found an ad in the messenger.

In violation of safety requirements in the van was placed a few extra seats, and seat belts were absent. In addition, the wheels were fitted tires with different tread patterns.

In fact the incident is a procedural check.

September 22, eight people were injured in the collision of a van and SUV on the road in the Kaliningrad region, including a 10 years old girl, who was with his parents in the second of these machines. The cause of the accident was leaving the lane of oncoming traffic.