Student from Belarus was arrested for the murder of 12 pheasants in Gorky Park

Students from Belarus were detained on charges in the murder of 12 pheasants in Gorky Park. On Wednesday, October 4, reports the Agency “Moscow” with reference to a source in law enforcement bodies.

The press service of the Gorky Park said that the young man snuck into the aviary with pheasants on the evening of 30 September. He killed 12 birds, after which he was quickly detained by security and handed over to the police.

Damage estimated at 93 thousand rubles. It is still unknown whether purchased new or pheasants will breed on their own. The Park management has strengthened the protection of the entrance to the enclosure.

Concerning the detainee criminal case under article 245 of the criminal code (“cruelty to animals”), he is under recognizance not to leave. It is known that the citizen of Belarus 21 years old, he studied in the Institute of film and television (GITR) and had a previous conviction for illegal storage of drugs on a large scale.

Earlier in July, bolsherechensky district court of the Omsk region sentenced two local residents to a year and two months imprisonment for stealing and killing endangered birds from the zoo for barbecue. Initially young people killed Dalmatian Pelican, white-naped crane and a Guinea fowl, but then found that they lack a knife for cutting meat, and robbed a nearby store. They were found guilty as regards 2 articles 158 of the criminal code (“Theft committed group of persons on preliminary arrangement, to illegal penetration into a premise or other storehouse”).