“Russian” is found in the key to trump States

“Russian” is found in the key to trump States

Political advertising with the “Russian traces” in Facebook was targetirovanie including the key for the victory of President Donald trump States, says CNN, citing multiple sources. Previously, information about the targeting of such advertising was not.

According to the Agency, expertly tuned to the key demographic groups ad shown to the residents of Wisconsin and Michigan, in which trump was ahead of Clinton by only 10 700 votes. This is allocated against the “noise” of pre-election promotion, by promoting, in particular, anti-Islamic rhetoric.

The focus on Wisconsin and Michigan allows you to be more confident that the Russian group associated with the activity, used a wide range of tactics aimed at intervention in the elections.CNN

According to Facebook, ads in Facebook on important social issues, paid Pro customers, was seen by about 10 million people. Most of them dealt with the problems of sexual minorities, racial issues, immigration issues, the right to bear arms.

From this audience, 44% viewed ads from the presidential election, and 56% after. Approximately 25% of the ad was not seen, as they seem depending on the relevance of the queries, but can not seem.

99% were spent less than $1000. For some of the payments allegedly received in rubles. “The vast majority of advertisers who are paying in Russian currency, as the vast majority of people that access Facebook from Russia, didn’t do anything wrong,” reads the blog.

Earlier Facebook reported that with Russia was due to more than 3000 ads. Their company was going to give to Congress, investigating in the intervention. The social network promised to hire more than 1,000 employees to view ads on the social network.