Refugees-Rohingya will receive assistance from Russia. It will have the Akhmat Kadyrov Fund

Refugees-Rohingya will receive assistance from Russia. It will have the Akhmat Kadyrov Fund

In the near future to the distribution of humanitarian aid to refugees-Rohingya fled to Bangladesh from persecution in Myanmar, will start a Fund named after Akhmad Kadyrov. About this “Kommersant” reported Senator from Chechnya Ziyad Sabsabi. For these purposes it is planned to spend about $800 thousand Refugees has exceeded half a million people, a number which continues to grow. Bangladesh receives 5-7 thousand Rohingya. An area of 400 sq km, has accumulated more than a million people — including refugees from Myanmar before, and local residents.

The Chechen response to the Myanmar issue

As reported by “Kommersant” Ziyad Sabsabi, from the Bangladeshi authorities, who took the vast majority of refugees-Rohingya had obtained oral consent for the operation of the Fund named after Akhmad Kadyrov on-site. “We expect that October 15 will be able to get to work, — he said.— Thus, the Fund will be the first Russian humanitarian organization, accredited in Bangladesh”. According to the Senator, he on behalf of the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov inspected refugee camps, “talked to their elders” and “on the same day filed through the Russian Embassy in Dhaka application for permission to operate Fund.”

Mr. Sabsabi confessed to “Kommersant” that expect to receive a positive response within three to four days, but the process was delayed. Unofficially he was told that Dhaka reluctant to accredit charitable organizations as it believes that increased aid volumes will attract new refugees.

Ziyad Sabsabi said that the Fund has bought “clothes, carpets, food and materials”, which will be distributed among the Rohingya. Until the end of 2017 to help the refugees in Bangladesh, the Foundation plans to spend approximately $800 thousand of the Plan to 2018 will be accepted later, depending on the development of the crisis.

Chechen humanitarian assistance excess will not: conflict and did not think to subside. The flight of people from the zone of the army RAID by the authorities of Myanmar against the insurgents Rohingya people continues — despite the fact that the government has announced its willingness to take Rohingya back. “The unprecedented Exodus of refugees, humanitarian and a legal point of view, the situation degraded to the level of real nightmare,” said last week the UN Secretary General, antónio Guterres. The Rakhine state (Arakan) has lost half of its Muslim population until the beginning of the current round of the conflict the total number of Rohingya there was 1.1 million people.

At the meeting with the Ambassador of Myanmar to Russia Ko Ko Shane and his position was publicly announced by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. “We urge all parties to show restraint. The solution to problems that are so complex, must be sought in the sphere of political interaction and political means without violating human rights,” he said.

“The dirt and overcrowding can lead to epidemics”

The head of delegation of the International Committee of the red cross (ICRC) in Bangladesh Ikhtiyar Aslanov told “Kommersant” that the situation “critical.” “The district Cox’s Bazar, which houses a large part of the 520 thousand refugees, has a length of 40 km and width 10 km — he said “Kommersant”.— While there is a population of half a million of its own people and 300 thousand refugees from Myanmar in the past.” According to Mr. Aslanov, “the situation was already very severe at the beginning of the current phase of the crisis, August 25,”: not enough funds to clean water, shelter, sanitary facilities. After August 25 in the region during the four weeks the profit of half a million people, and a mass Exodus occurred in the rainy season.

“Until the end of the year we have requested $7 million of additional funding and hope to receive them, — said Ikhtiyar Aslanov.— The health of the people weakened, they were unable to keep warm, no roof over your head. Around dirt and overcrowding, which may lead to epidemics”.

Locals and Bangladeshi authorities, according to the source “b” refer to refugees “with sympathy”, but their influx has virtually destroyed the economy of the County. “A large part of the population there lives to agriculture, and the refugees physically occupied their fields”, — said Mr. Aslanov. The government of Myanmar announced that they are ready to begin to accept the refugees back, but only those who left the country during the last year. Bangladeshi authorities, in turn, insist that Myanmar has taken back all the 800 thousand Rohingya who arrived from neighbouring States for the last 20 years.