Putin recalled a conversation with Kim Jong Il about the atomic bomb to the DPRK

Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-Il

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that in 2001 Kim Jong-Il, who headed the DPRK, told him about the existence of Pyongyang’s atomic bomb. His words leads RIA Novosti.

In that year, Putin also held the post of President, visited North Korea on the way to Japan. “[Kim Jong Il] I then said they have atomic bomb. Well, Yes. Also, he said that we are using a fairly simple artillery systems far away to touch,” — said the Russian leader.

He noted that since that time, Korea is far advanced in the matter of armaments. “Now 2017, the country lives in conditions of permanent sanctions, instead of atomic bombs they have now hydrogen. Instead of simple artillery systems — now medium-range missiles at 2700 miles, and even more, for five thousand,” — said the head of state.

Commenting on the possibility of a massive strike on North Korea, Putin expressed the view that to predict the result of these actions impossible. “Who knows what and where it is buried?” — it asked a question.

September 3 this year, the DPRK held the sixth in its history of nuclear testing. Approval of the North Korean authorities, was blown up by a hydrogen bomb, which can be mounted as a warhead on an Intercontinental ballistic missile.

For the first time, North Korea announced the establishment of the country’s nuclear weapons in February 2005. In October 2006, the Republic of Korea conducted its first nuclear test.

Kim Jong Il led the DPRK from July 1994 until his death on 17 December 2011. Was succeeded by one of his sons — Kim Jong-UN.