NYT: former German actress accused Roman Polanski of rape

NYT: former German actress accused Roman Polanski of rape

NEW YORK, October 4. /TASS/. Another woman made accusations against Roman Polanski, stating that it was the victim of a rape by a Director as a minor. This was reported by the newspaper The New York Times.

According to her, 61-year-old German actress Renate Langer, who retired from the profession, made a statement that Polanski raped her when she was 15 years old. According to Langer, it happened in 1972, when she, with the consent of the parents visited in Switzerland, the home of the Director, who wanted to invite her to star in one of his paintings.

As said the publication of Langer, one month later, Polanski apologized to her and invited to play in the film, which was shot in Rome. There, according to women, the Director raped her a second time. It happened in the house where she was staying.

Langer has become the fourth woman, who accused the filmmaker of harassment. According to a former actress, she stated about the incident just now, as I didn’t want to know her parents. The latter recently passed away.