“News of the week” and “Time” has received TEFI as the best news program

“News of the week” and “Time” has received TEFI as the best news program

Moscow. 3 Oct. INTERFAX.RU Laureate of the TEFI award in the category “Information-analytical final program” became the “Vesti Nedeli” on TV channel “Russia 1” (VGTRK), beating the nearest competitors — “Sunday times” (First channel) and “Dobrov in the air” (REN TV). As the correspondent of “Interfax”, in the concert hall “Russia” began the solemn ceremony of the presentation of the TV award TEFI in the category “Evening Prime”.

The winner in the category “Leading information-analytical summary program” was Andrei Dobrov (“Dobrov in the air” REN-TV). In this category were also presented Irada Zeinalova (“the End of the week with Irada Zeynalova”, NTV), Valery Fadeev (“Sunday times”, the First channel) and Sergey Brilev (“to Conduct on Saturday with Sergey Brilev”, Russia 1).

The statuette “Orpheus” in the category “news program” received the program “Vremya” (First channel), ahead of “Today” (NTV) and “Vesti” (Russia 1). In the nomination “Presenter of information program” victory was gained by Dmitry Borisov (“Evening news” First channel), for the first place fought with him Elena Spiridonova (“Today” NTV) and Andrei Kondrashov (“Vesti”, “Russia 1”).

The best interviewer was Vladimir Solovyov, host of the program “Evening with Vladimir Solovyov” on TV channel Russia 1. His rivals were Nailya Asker-Zade (“In working noon”, Russia 24) and Yulia men’shova (“Alone with all”, channel).

The program “60 minutes” (“Russia 1”) became the best social-political talk-show Prime-time. In this category it competed with the “First Studio” (the First channel) and “Red project” (TV the Center). Best leading public-political talk-show Prime-time jury TEFI recognized journalists from two programs: Olga Skobeeva with Evgeny Popov (“60 minutes”, “Russia 1”), and Roman Babayan (“Right to vote”, TV Center). To win in this category also claimed Artem Sheinin (the”First Studio”, the First channel).