Mamma dog. As Shiba inu has become a favorite breed of Internet

Mamma dog. As Shiba inu has become a favorite breed of Internet

Shiba inu — known breed of dog, but I love her especially: dogs become a meme, successful bloggers and regularly make the news. In late September, a Shiba inu named Steve became a meme and ended up in the Creek under the exclamation of the owner: “This fiasco, bro!” “Medusa” tells how Shiba inu are the most popular dogs and they are fun really.

Traditionally, Shiba inu Japanese lived in villages and helped the hunters. Despite the fact that they recognized Japanese heritage back in 1936, universal Pets they got closer to 2010. It was at this time appeared the famous meme with a Shiba inu Doge. The hostess dog named Kabosu posted a series of photos in a personal blog. On one of the images Kabosu was sitting with a very surprised face — this photo became the basis for the meme. On Cabos began to place a short phrase written in Comic Sans MS.

Soon, the users of the website Reddit and 4chan imageboard was used to meme photos of other Shiba inu. The peak of popularity of Doge came in 2013. Meme not only flooded the social networks and blogs, but even appeared in the list of “50 things pop culture, for which we should thank her”, compiled by MTV. At the end of 2013, the American programmer Billy Markus have introduced cryptocurrency, named after the Shiba inu Dogecoin. “Doge — our fun friendly mascot,” reads the website of the currency.

However, the story is not over. Over time, the Doge appeared variations, Doggo, Pupper and other memes related to dogs. Despite past peak of popularity, and Doge is still one of the most recognizable memes.

It’s a violet, bro

— Dvach (@ru2ch) September 30, 2017.
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Video Shiba inu rack up hundreds of thousands of views, and photographs and gifs with funny dogs become viral. In Japan hold festivals dedicated to the breed; they produce toys, stationery and clothes.

Dog Swiming

Many owners of Shiba inu doing their Pets bloggers with thousands of subscribers. The most popular Siba — Maru — more than two million followers on instagram. The owners, Mara is not doing anything special — just document how the dog is walking, sleeping, hugging a stuffed hedgehog and squints into the sun.

Publication from Shinjiro Ono (@marutaro) St 7 2017 8:14 PDT

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Siba is an intelligent, artistic and sociable. And this is probably the main reasons for their popularity; it is impossible not to be touched the dog, which is making faces in pictures, happy when with her, go to cafés and shops, and opens the leg window in the stall.

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Starting from an image existing in the Network, it seems that Shiba inu are the most fun dogs in the world. This is partly true — Shiba inu active, they love to explore new places and often get into funny situations. For example, the Shiba can get stuck in the bushes or the wall and stay perfectly calm.

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At the peak of popularity of the meme Doge, many owners and kennel clubs encouraged not to have a Shiba inu. In 2014, the American national club Shiba inu said the journalists knowingly advertise a breed that is not suitable for most people. According to zoopsychology, Shiba inu, despite the attractive appearance, a very complex character that requires constant work with the dog.