In the state Duma introduced a draft on foreign exchange wages for Russians working abroad


RIA Novosti

The government submitted to the state Duma a draft, which proposed to allow people living abroad to the Russian citizens who work in Russian companies, to be paid in foreign currency, reported on the website of the Cabinet.

“The bill is aimed at providing opportunities for living outside Russia by Russian citizens, wages and other payments connected with the exercise abroad of their duties under employment contracts concluded with legal persons — residents, in foreign currency”, — said in a statement on the government website. The amendments to the labour code and the law on currency regulation.

In accordance with the requirements of Russian currency legislation resident working abroad, can receive their salaries from their employers (legal entities — residents) only in the Russian currency on their accounts opened in authorised banks. Such a procedure of payment of wages causes significant inconveniences for this category of Russian citizens and not economically justified, stated in the release.

The document also provides for the possibility of salaries in foreign currency on accounts in banks of the Russian Federation to diplomatic personnel and citizens who are sent to work abroad by the Federal agencies. In accordance with the current legislation of diplomats and officials now have the right to be paid in foreign currency to their accounts abroad. The bill provides the ability to generate such payments on the Russian account.