Honda showed self-balancing motorcycle

Japanese company Honda has published the first photos of the prototype electric motorcycle with automatic balancing. It is reported by Motorcycle News.

A special computer system, based on used in the construction of the robot ASIMO technology, improves the stability of the motorcycle at speeds of 0-5 miles per hour. According to the manufacturer, the auto-balancing motorcycle is able not to fall, even when parked with no driver in the saddle. The stability is achieved without the help of the gyroscopes, the computer performs the steering of the front fork and adjust it’s length.

Earlier this year at CES in Las Vegas, the company showed a prototype motorcycle with a petrol engine based on the NC750 models are equipped with a similar system.

The official premiere of the electric bike is scheduled for the Tokyo motor show, which will start on October 27.

Honda Motor is an international industrial company, manufacturer of motorcycles, automobiles, engines, lawn mowers and generators. Founded in 1948 by businessman and car mechanic Soichiro Honda. The headquarters of Honda Motor is located in Tokyo.