Everything you need to know about “blade Runner 2049”

Everything you need to know about “blade Runner 2049”

“Blade runner” is known not only for its neo-Noir cyberpunk style, setting the tone for the many films about the future, but the scandalous history — for example, the film has several official versions. List all the things you need to know about the original picture Riddle Scott, whose shot Denis Villeneuve.

The plot of the original “blade Runner”

News“blade Runner 2049”: the fiction and reality of future technologies

The action takes place in a dystopian future where the collapse of the cities of the earth combined with the delights of high technology, space colonization and the presence of Replicants — androids laborers, superior to man in power and intelligence. Over time, in spite of the implemented algorithms, androids raise a bloody rebellion, which, however, brutally suppressed the people. In order not to repeat the mistakes of the people lay in the mechanism of a new series of Replicants “shelf life” — androids self-destruct in four years, before they have time to develop an emotional component. But even these measures are not always.

The plot revolves around Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford) a retired police officer division of Bladerunner, which is engaged in catching and destruction of Replicants out of control. Deckard returns to the service, so he found a gang of Replicants who have infiltrated into the Ground in search of its Creator.

Then the story differs depending on which version of the film you are watching. Here are the main ones.

Rolling version, 1982

Because of pressure from sponsors, Ridley Scott had to make the film a few changes contrary to its initial idea. To this day, the Director doesn’t like this version.

Difference plot: Deckard, an ordinary man, a divorced ex-COP, disparagingly referring to the Replicants. Everything changes when he falls in love with Replicant Rachel.

The ending for this version of peculiar: in contrast to the dark atmosphere of the film, Deckard and Rachel suddenly ride off into the sunset. To make the ending even happier, the audience reported that Rachel, unlike the other Replicants, special, no built-in mechanism of self-destruction. Only lacks the phrase “and they lived happily ever after”.

Uncut version (1992) / the Final version (2007)

Uncut version made based on the draft version of the film, which was shown in test screenings during filming, using the remaining footage. In 2007, Scott has restored the image, corrected some mistakes and released a picture of the car, already calling it the final version.

Plot difference in this version returned the deleted dream sequence with the unicorn, which contains a direct hint that Deckard is a Replicant, used by the police for destruction of out-of-control androids. The character Harrison Ford operates under the authority of the lame bladrunner Gaffa, suspecting nothing about the nature of their origin.