Enteo kicked out of leads the movement “God’s will” for blasphemy

Dmitry Larionov (Enteo)

Orthodox activist Dmitry Enteo (Larionova) was removed from the headed the movement “God’s will” to public penance for sacrilege. The decision taken by his associate Cute Odegova, who took over the leadership of the organization. She wrote about this on his page in Facebook on Tuesday, October 3.

In particular, Odegova blamed Tsarionova friendship and cooperation with the participant art-groups “War” and the punk band Pussy Riot Mary Alekhine. “Larionov attended the presentation of false books Riot days fellow feminists Alekhine and to congratulate her on her book tour, in which she glorifies blasphemy in the temple of Christ the Savior and calls our his Holiness Patriarch Kirill Mikhailovich, specially went to St. Petersburg, where he held the presentation”, — said the activist.

In his comments to this post Enteo said that he sees the future of the movement “God’s will” with its five-year history, and he goes on, “is now engaged in de-communization, and all the glory of the Lord”. Cause of attacks by Delovoy he sees that “we have not developed personal relations”.

Dmitry Larionov known as the leader of the Orthodox radicalism, thanks to the outrageous and provocative actions and statement. He was the permanent leader of the movement “God’s will” since its inception. Repeatedly detained by police for disturbing public order. And in 2015, spent ten days under arrest for the massacre, he believed the blasphemous exhibition in the “Manege”.