Broken roads Perm forced the skiers to train on cemetery and crematorium

Due to the lack in Perm roller ski tracks local young skiers and biathletes training on the roads of city cemeteries, highways and the unfinished site of the crematorium. On this portal, “” has informed parents of students.

The publication notes that in the Soviet period in Perm was three training tracks, but now they are not suitable for training athletes in the summer. Roads with smooth asphalt required for roller-skiing, as well as different slopes and lifts in the city is almost gone.

The father of one of the students in the ski section said “” that some families move to other cities, so that the child could train properly. “People drop everything, invest in your child all forces”, — he added.

In the regional Ministry of sport, the newspaper reported that the construction and reconstruction of Perm roller ski tracks in the budget there is no money. Therefore, the regional authorities offer to young skiers do on the slopes in Dobryanka 75 kilometers from Perm, Berezniki or 190 kilometers from the city.

“Sports that exist in the region, can not develop in all cities at the same time, especially when it is about as technically complex as a biathlon,” said the MST.