Wife raped British girls of Pakistani, blamed the victims

The wife of a native of Pakistan, part together with compatriots in the gang for 16 years, raped in the British town of Rotherham over 1.4 thousands of white teenage girls, in conversation with Daily Mail said that rape victims are to blame for the incident.

A woman named Sudzha in conversation with the edition called the victims “dirty”. “How they dress? They have no shame, no fear of Allah,” she said.

The question was whether what was done by her husband with the girls is normal, she replied in the negative. “You can’t hurt people. Allah doesn’t want it,” said Sudzha. She also suggested that the victims “did something bad” with her husband may have used “black magic”, which she left alone and without money.

In August 2014, the British human rights activists released a report that in the English town of Rotherham with a population of 257 thousand people from 1997 to 2013 years, were raped more than 1.4 thousand children. Sexual abuse was suspected immigrants, particularly Pakistanis. The police was aware of many cases of pedophilia. However, the guards decided not to initiate criminal proceedings, to avoid accusations of lack of tolerance.

Two years later, law enforcement agencies reported that about two dozen people during this period of time were found guilty and received 4 to 12 years in prison, and about 300 suspects have been identified, but the charges at that time were not presented. Abused adolescents have noted that the situation in two years hasn’t changed — the local authorities for fear of accusations of racism, still turned a blind eye to what is happening, and the criminals were on the loose, continuing sexual exploitation of minors.