Who was imprisoned for beating girlfriend American came loose and strangled her

Jerome Rivers

The American, who served two months for assaulting his girlfriend was released from prison, came to her and killed her. It is reported by The New York Post.

How did you find the investigators, 52-year-old Jerome rivers on release from prison the first thing she called her friend Gia Pender and asked if he could come. Rivers by the decision of the court had no right to approach the Pender and the girl receiving the call, hastened to the neighbors, shouting, “Jerome is coming!”. She gave them an object (the publication does not specify which one) and asked me to tell her mother if something happens.

Rivers came to the house to Pender, but the next day at 6 a.m. called the police. He told the guards that slept, and then heard a thud, woke up and saw a woman lying on the bathroom floor. The investigation revealed that she was strangled.

According to rivers, no reason to kill the girlfriend he never had, he noted, however, that Pender did not respect his mother and put him in jail on charges in beating.

Man faces 25 years in prison to life imprisonment. In prison for two months he got due to the fact that the attack on the girl violated the terms of his parole: rivers recently released after serving a sentence for sexual assault.