The United States decided to send 15 Cuban diplomats

The administration of the trump ordered to send from the Embassy of Cuba in Washington on 15 diplomats. About it reports Reuters.

U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson stated that this decision was made due to the inability of the authorities of Cuba to take appropriate measures to protect American personnel on the island from the mysterious attacks, which caused damage to the health.

The state Department explained that the expulsion of the Cubans were designed in such a way that the U.S. and Cuba had the same fair staff.

The decision was conveyed to Cuban Ambassador Jose Ramon Cabanas, while the diplomats were given seven days to leave the United States.

27 Sep Tillerson at a meeting in Washington with foreign Minister of Cuba, Eduardo rodríguez Parrilla in the rigid form has demanded to ensure the safety of the American diplomats on the island after the incident with a hearing loss.

Some of the incidents on Cuba, which affected the staff of the American diplomatic mission and their families, it became known in August. Washington therefore recalled Havana on international obligations to protect diplomats, but the Cuban government involvement denied. In addition, it was reported that in Cuba due to the unknown impacts have hit at least five families of canadian diplomats.

In December 2014, the presidents of the United States and Cuba, Barack Obama and Raul Castro announced the beginning of a gradual normalization of relations between the two countries. Was restored diplomatic ties, resumed regular commercial flights, as well as weakened some of the anti-Cuban sanctions. However, imposed by Washington after the revolution of 1959 trade embargo is still in effect.