The shooter from Las Vegas found 42 units of firearms

The shooter from Las Vegas found 42 units of firearms

The room at Mandalay Bay, where 64-year-old Sam Paddock shot at the audience of the concert of country music and its community for seniors in Mesquite found a total of 42 firearms.


As reports ABC News, this is the evening of 2 October, police said. Home arrow found during the search of 19-guns, in room 23, as well as multiply stores. Among the weapons in the room were powerful rifles, able to penetrate police bullet-proof vests, and pistols. Experts continue to study the weapons found.

The room had a camera, maybe the Paddock was going to remove themselves on video, said one of the sources of ABC News.

According to police, he committed suicide when the special forces began to storm his room, before he shot through the door to the hotel security guard and wounded him.

Judging by the number of found ammunition and weapons, if the police hadn’t intervened so quickly, the victims could be more.

Correspondents ABC News found two arms dealers who sold firearms to the Paddock. General Manager of Guns & Guitars Christopher Sullivan called the pensioner is a regular customer and assured them that the weapon he sold in full compliance with all the requirements of the laws of all levels and that he was never allowed to suspect mental instability. The owner of Dixie Gunworx Chris Michael also could not recall anything unusual about this buyer.