The rector could not find common language with foreign students

The rector could not find common language with foreign students

About a hundred students from India and Sri Lanka who are studying in Smolensk state medical University (SSMU) on a fee basis, filed a Declaration of dismissal. They expressed thus protest against the decision of the administration to conduct training in English, as intended by the Treaty, and Russian. Commissioner for the rights of students in Russia Artem Khromov called the conflict “the first such precedent,” suggesting that it may have a negative impact on the image of Russian education abroad.

The cost of training foreign students in the Smolensk medical University is approximately $2 million, intermediary companies that recruit students in India and other countries, take about $5 thousand At the same time they provide students with housing (usually this is the dormitory of the University) and was escorted to the graduation. Training of foreign students took place in English, it had to pass entrance exams.

Appointed in may 2017 by the acting rector of SSMU Roman Kozlov introduced a requirement: lectures, seminars and even chat with teachers in the University for foreign students should be conducted in Russian. Good cause for such restrictions, students say, has not been submitted. In fact, they argue, the Treaty was adopted in favor of one of the companies-intermediaries — Cosmos Educational Consultants, clients which received the exclusive right to continue education in English.

Foreigners complained to the Ministry of education and in protest announced the week of absenteeism. The indignant students sgmu represent and the intention to complain to the Indian Embassy. They insist that training was continued in English, with no unilateral changes in the terms of the agreement by the Russian University.

The initiative group of protesters tried to enter into negotiations with the Dean of foreign students. “If we do not hear, remains nothing how to return home without completing the training”, — told the correspondent of “Kommersant” sophomore from India. More than 150 students submitted a letter of dismissal to the rector.