The influence of sex on aging

The influence of sex on aging

Brazilian scientists from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul found that sexual activity contributes to aging. To such conclusion scientists have come, having carried out experiments on rats. Article researchers published in the journal Biogerontology.

According to the disposable soma theory assumes that the organism has a limited amount of energy that goes to maintaining the metabolism, regeneration and reproduction. The more resources directed to reproduce, the less energy get the mechanisms responsible for restoration of tissues and organs. As a result, the body begins to age.

One of the potential mechanisms underlying age-related changes, is the synthesis of reactive oxygen species (ROS). These molecules are highly reactive and oxidize cell membranes, damage DNA and disrupt homeostasis. ROS are a byproduct formed in the mitochondria, which are responsible for production of the necessary for energy metabolism. Because sexual activity and reproduction are energy-consuming processes, they can enhance the generation of oxygen radicals.