The head of the Ministry told about “his vision of history,” Medina

Olga Vasilyeva

The thesis of the Minister of culture of Russia Vladimir Medinsky is “my side of the story” of the author. On Tuesday, 3 October, said Minister of education and science Olga Vasilyeva, RIA Novosti reported.

Any plagiarism in the work of colleagues she has not seen and reminded that this work earned positive reviews two dissovety.

Earlier, on 2 October, it was reported that the expert Council of the Higher attestation Commission (VAK) on the history of supported the statement on deprivation of Medina the degree of doctor of science. The decision was taken by majority vote and is Advisory in nature. The point in this case must supply the Presidium of the HAC to consider this issue on October 20.

On 7 July, the rector of Belgorod state national research University Vladimir Shapovalov on the results of Commission examination of doctoral thesis the Minister said about its undoubted scientific significance. However, the work has the error. “First and foremost, the style of presentation and depth of certain conclusions,” — said Shapovalov.

In the end, the BSU academic Council made the decision on the preservation of the Medina for the degree of doctor of historical Sciences, 19 people voted in favor, three abstained.

In the fall of 2016 with the requirement to deprive the Minister of an academic degree was made by the activists of “Discerneth”, referring to various errors in the form and content of the work “Problems of objectivity in the coverage of Russian history in the second half of the XV-XVII centuries.” In the summer of 2017 eight scientists wrote in defense of Medina’s letter to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.