The government of Catalonia intends to go to court because of the actions of Spain in the referendum

Spain must answer before international court for the actions of the police during the Catalonia referendum on independence for the region. On Sunday, October 1, TASS said the official representative of the government of Catalonia Jordi Turull.

“The Spanish government has put itself in a very disadvantageous position in the eyes of the world, violating human rights, and will have to answer for it before the international courts,” he said.

Earlier in the same day it became known that employees of the Spanish police, according to official figures, detained three people during the riots. It was also reported about 460 victims. The mayor of Barcelona Hell Cola opposed the actions of the Spanish police against the public during a vote.

Also, Catalonia has asked the European Union with the requirement to formally condemn the Spanish authorities for the intervention in the referendum on independence for the region and the violation of the rights and freedoms of the people of the province during the vote. The Deputy head of the European Parliament Deputy from Austria Ulrike Lunacek declared the referendum in Catalonia legitimate. Lunacek said that shocked by the situation in Catalonia, and called for de-escalation of the conflict.

The vote on the referendum on Catalan independence began on Sunday at 10 am Moscow time. It will last until 20:00 local time (21:00 Moscow time).

Madrid tries to prevent the referendum. In particular, it is reported that Spanish police used rubber bullets against those who voted in Barcelona. According to the latest data of the authorities of Catalonia, in various clashes of the region’s residents with the law enforcement officers were injured 337 people.