The court ordered Navalny to delete the article about the donated Putin watches Mikhailov

Alexei Navalny

Lublin court of Moscow satisfied the claim of Sergey Mikhailov Alexei Navalny about the article about the businessman presented to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin nominal hours, reports TASS Monday, October 2.

“Information to delete, to publish a refutation”, — stated in the decision.

With the opposition will also seek court costs of the plaintiff in the amount of 16.9 thousand rubles.

“Examine the rationale for the decision. Can the court write that the receipt from Putin denigrates the honor and dignity”, — said in a tweet the lawyer of Fund of struggle against corruption (FBK) Vyacheslav Gimadi.

Previously, he published on Twitter the text of the order of the President of Russia about rewarding Mikhailov clock, which he presented during the previous trial.

Vyacheslav Gimadi (@vigimadi)
07 August 2017, 09:42

Mikhailov filed a second lawsuit on protection of honor and dignity to the Bulk and FBK 11 September. The businessman asked the court to recognize the false information contained in the article “still gave Putin watch Sergei Mikhailov, the head of Solntsevo criminal group”, published on August 8 on the website of the opposition.

Earlier, on August 7, the Lublin court dismissed a previous lawsuit the businessman to Bulk with a request to refute the information from the film “the Seagull”, the businessman called criminal authority.

For a long time Mikhailov was called in the media the head of Solntsevo criminal group (originated in the eponymous district of Moscow), known as Mijas. In Russia and abroad he is considered one of the most influential representatives of the criminal world. However, Mikhailov was never prosecuted for crimes related to organized crime.