The captain of the British submarine was removed from office for having an affair with crew member

In the UK the captain of the nuclear submarine “Vidzhilent” (HMS Vigilant) removed from command of the boat over an affair with a subordinate. About it reports “Russian service bi-Bi-si”.

In respect of an officer of the Royal Navy is under investigation. In the British Navy, a so-called ban on touch, which implies the inadmissibility of a romantic relationship between team members. This command takes a particularly tough stance in cases where the scandal involved officers.

The ban on women on submarines was lifted in 2011. Since that time, several dozen women were trained for service in submarines.

In 2014, the first female captain of the frigate “Portland” (HMS Portland) was removed from command, after it became known about her relationship with one of the crew members.

“Vidzhilent” is sub-class “Vanguard” (Vanguard). It is based on the naval base Clyde in the region Argyll and Bute in Scotland. This is one of four nuclear submarines of Britain, armed with ballistic nuclear missiles “Trident” (Trident).