The canadian Parliament has postponed the adoption of a local version of the Magnitsky act

Canadian Parliament until October 4, postponed the adoption of the “Law on victims of corrupt foreign governments,” which is analogous to the “act of Magnitsky”. On Tuesday, October 3, reports TASS.

The law in the first place should be directed against officials from Russia, Venezuela, Iran, Vietnam and Myanmar, engaged in money laundering in Canada, at the same time violating human rights in their countries. Members of the house of Commons during the oral vote in favor of its adoption, however, the bill was sent back to the Senate. The upper chamber of the canadian Parliament will pass it to the Governor-General of the country for final approval, after which it will enter into force, notes TASS.

Press Secretary of the Russian Embassy in Ottawa Kirill Kalinin said the Agency that the intention of Parliament to make law is a blatant interference in the internal Affairs of Russia will not remain unanswered. He added that the decision “defies common sense and canadian national interests, it isolates Canada from one of the world’s key powers.” “This is a hostile move, as well as any anti-Russian sanctions will be met with strong and reciprocal countermeasures”, — he said.

In may, the Russian foreign Ministry has warned Ottawa that the approval by the Parliament of Canada, local version of the Magnitsky act will cause significant damage to bilateral relations. According to the Ministry of the interior, such action will lose Canada, whose authorities prefer to isolate themselves from Russia instead of developing mutually beneficial cooperation, including in the economic sphere and the development of the Arctic.

Adopted in 2012 in the U.S. “Magnitsky act” imposes personal sanctions against several dozen Russians. The document is named by the name of the lawyer of Fund Hermitage Capital Sergey Magnitsky died in a Moscow prison “Matrosskaya Tishina” in 2009, and directed against persons suspected of involvement in his death.