The author of the work about Vlasov refused the degree of doctor of science

The Ministry of education and science refused to award the degree of doctor of historical Sciences, St. Petersburg historian Kirill Alexandrov, who in 2016, defended his thesis on the Vlasov movement. The corresponding order of the Ministry on Tuesday, October 3, at the disposal of “Fontanka”.

Himself a historian, said the publication of the decision of the Ministry of education and science he had learned from journalists. “All I could do, I did. In my life it will not change anything. My goal was not to obtain a degree the price that was offered,” — said the scientist.

According to Alexandrov, before and after protection he offered to change the main points of his work. Who exactly did it, the historian said.

According to “Fontanka”, thesis on “the Generals and the officer corps of the armed forces Committee of liberation of the peoples of Russia 1943-1946.” Aleksandrov defended on March 1 last year in St. Petersburg. The work was dedicated to the personnel of the Armed forces of the ACPD.

Thesis caused a public outcry. So who came to the Commission meeting, the activists of the Patriotic “people’s Council” and veterans ‘ organizations publicly accused the historian of excessive praise Vlasov. After that, the supporters of the Communist party picketed the St. Petersburg Institute of history RAS, and the “people’s Cathedral” has addressed with the complaint to work of the historian in Prosecutor’s office. The expert Council of the Higher attestation Commission (VAK) on the history did not support the thesis.

5 August “the” has published a great interview with Alexandrov, dedicated to the mass repression of 1937-1938.

2 October it became known that the expert Council of VAK of the history endorsed the statement on deprivation of a scientific degree of the doctor of historical Sciences, Minister of culture of Russia Vladimir Medinsky. Earlier to deprive Medina of a scientific degree was made by the activists of “Discernere”, which stated that the thesis of the head of the Ministry of culture contains factual errors, and generally absurd. The final decision on this issue will be taken by the Presidium of the HAC.