Shot down three people, the Yakut deputies have softened the measure of restraint

Nikolay Rumyantsev

The Supreme court of Yakutia has changed the measure of restraint for the Deputy of the state Assembly (Il Tumen) of the Republic of Nikolai Rumyantsev, who, for the car in drunken state hit three people, from house arrest on bail. It is reported portal “In”.

According to the publication, the court took into account the fact that the election of a preventive measure against a suspect, not related to the arrest, requested the protection of victims.

His arguments the lawyer of the victims proved that Rumyantsev, provides financial assistance to children of the deceased in the accident of a pedestrian and two other victims in the accident — he pays for their treatment.

The Deposit amounted to 1.5 million rubles. After making Rumyantsev, will be at liberty provided that he undertakes to appear for interrogations and other investigative actions, as well as not to leave the city.

Accident involving the local MP took place on 7th September in the village Syrdakh the city of Yakutsk. 56-year-old MP on the Nissan Patrol SUV ran over three pedestrians crossing the road in an unspecified place. One man died on the spot before arrival of doctors, the other two were hospitalized with injuries and bruises.

Then the police said that the drunk Deputy tried to explain the lack of street lighting and heavy rain.

Immediately after the incident Rumyantsev has submitted to Parliament a statement on the early resignation of Deputy powers. The issue will be considered at the nearest session of the state Assembly — tentatively in October.

The investigation is the investigator for particularly important cases of the investigation Department of the Yakutsk. The case was initiated under part 4 of article 264 of the criminal code (“Violation of traffic rules, committed in a state of intoxication, entailed on imprudence death of the person”).