“Night wolves” and the United Russia party reached for budget money

“Night wolves” and the United Russia party reached for budget money

The presidential grants has finished accepting applications for the second competition for the allocation of budget funds. Applied “Night wolves”, “Young guard of United Russia”, “Combat brotherhood” was rejected in the first contest. Non-profit organizations (NPOs), which in the beginning of the year did not win grants and has taken into account comments on the formation of bids, have a chance to win, said the head of the Fund Ilya Chukalin. A number of human rights NGOs who contributed last time, from participation in the competition, this time refused.

In the first competition of presidential grants (allocated 2.25 billion from RUB 7 billion) of budget funds has not got several Pro-government organizations. Biker organization “Night wolves” has again applied for organizing children’s new year trees in “Bike-center” (6 million rubles). Close to the presidential administration, the source said “Kommersant” that “Night wolves” after the first contest “no funding left, but got it through other channels”. Press Secretary of the “Night wolves” Anna Komarova refused to report, did the organization adjustments in the application after the first contest, urging “not to put the horse before the cart”.

“Young guard of United Russia” have issued six submissions, including from the regional offices, for the sum from 500 thousand to 2.2 million rubles Organization wants to allocate money, for example, “the School of parliamentarism”. The leader MHER Denis Davydov said “Kommersant” that the organization has finalized the application: “have taken into Account the comments of the Foundation, opened every item in the estimates, revised geography”. “Combat brotherhood”, which is headed by former Moscow region Governor Boris Gromov, filed 20 applications from regional offices. They are asking for 400 thousand to 22 million rubles (for the project “Reviving patriotism! Strengthen the power of Russia!” in the Vladimir region).