Named a candidate for the post of Omsk region Governor


As a possible candidate for the post of Omsk region Governor, sources close to the Kremlin, called the head of the “Oboronprom” Sergei Sokol reports “Газета.Ru”.

A source in the region also mentioned the Deputy of the state Duma Vladimir guteneva, and Minister for Far East development Alexander Galushka. One of the sources close to the Kremlin, also said that dumpling is considered as a candidate for the post.

Earlier, the RIA Novosti source in the presidential administration, said that a series of Governor resignations in the near future will continue. According to him, one of the anticipated events — the resignation of the Governor of Omsk region Viktor Nazarov. “Yes, in the Omsk region requires changes to improve handling in the region,” the source said.

It is expected that the resignation will be completed by October 10, the President will be extended from 8 to 11 new candidates to the governors.

According to the source, in the beginning of the year the administration developed a system for rating the efficiency of governors. Key steel 4 criterion — “the state of social sphere and social well-being of the inhabitants of the region; the state and dynamics of development of the financial sector; electoral performance — a rating of the Governor; the lack of inter-elite conflict”.